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Welcome to City of Heroes East RP!


Server started on 2024-07-14 05:33:10, running for 8 hours 24 minutes

There are 34 registered accounts holding 35 characters.

Ever wish your game had gamepad controller support?

Use your gamepad as a wireless home theater pc remote!

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The best way to access the City Of Heroes server is to use my custom launcher

(scroll down to find info - My Custom Launcher/Client Download)


Fixed download links for the COH Client install and custom texture pack


My Counter-Strike Source Dedicated Server is Online!

-=|CHI|=- East Coast CSS - 100 tick - Bank, Bounty, Knife Fight

IP/Server Address - coheastrp.net:27015

My HD Gun models, textures, skins, custom maps, and true accurate sounds PACK


With the Optimized scripts there is a special buy system in place:

Open the zip file and one folder level down you will find the cstrike folder, drag that into your \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source\ folder.

It should ask to overwrite, click 'Yes' as it is only overwritting the config.cfg (unless you have an autoexec.cfg, then you should back that up as well as config.cfg)

  1. F1-F4 keys are SMGs and will buy team specific

    (F1 - MP5, F2 - P90, F3 - TMP, F4 - MAC10)

  2. F5-F8 keys are Team Specific Tactical Rifles

    (F5 - Famas/Galil, F6 - AK/M4, F7 - Aug/sg552, F8 - XM1014 Shotgun)

  3. F9-F11 keys are Team Specific Pistols

    (F9 - P226, F10 - Desert Eagle, F11 - FN57/Dual Barrettas)

  4. F12 - Restock all items/armor/ammo
  5. I - will buy the BSG550
  6. J - will buy the USP
  7. K - will buy the Glock/Springfield XD
  8. O - will buy the M249 Machine gun/Mini-Gun
  9. P - will buy the M390 Pump Shotgun

Each of the buy keys will purchase Ammo, Body Armor, Helmet, HE Nade, Flash Nade 1 then 2, Smoke Nade

Purchase of these items correlates to your available funds and is purchased in the order listed above

If money conservation is deactivated, Night Vision Goggles will be purchased as well

Other special keys/functions added with the scripts:

  1. Right Shift Key is a walk toggle, press to activate/ press or fire to deactivate
  2. Enter key activates quick zoom for sniper rifles, when active hold your fire button will zoom then releasing fire button will shoot
  3. Page Up key will prime a flash bang if you have them available and bind it to your middle mouse button for throwing
  4. Page Down will prime a smoke nade exactly like the Flash Bang
  5. Keypad 4 key will prime a High Explosive Grenade exactly like flash and smoke
  6. Keypad 1 key is the use/interact button
  7. Keypad 0 is alt fire button (used for gun attachments or burst select fire where applicable)
  8. Middle mouse button is knife or active grenade if primed via one of the keys listed above
  9. Mouse 2 is jump
  10. Mouse 5 is crouch
  11. Mouse 4 is push-to-talk
  12. Right Ctrl key is reload
  13. Backspace is money conservation enable/disable
  14. A switches between betting and bank mod modes
  15. E (while in bank mode) withdraws $200 of your current cash from your bank
  16. H (while in bank mode) deposits $200 of your current cash into your bank
  17. B (while in bank mode) opens the bank menu
  18. / key will cycle the base crosshair color (your crosshair will alternate between two colors as you press your movement keys)

These keys can be changed by editing the config.cfg file in notepad located in your cstrike\cfg folder


My DayZ Standalone Server is OFFLINE!

DayZ East RP

Server IP Address: coheastrp.net


If you get the MSVCP140.dll missing ERROR for COH (You need the x86 version)

Get it from me: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable

Get it from Microsoft: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable

TEXTURE MOD! Self-Extracting: Custom Texture Pack v1.0

TEXTURE MOD! Zip-file: Custom Texture Pack v1.0


************************ COH EAST RP MANIFEST **********************

(right-click copy link location paste in creamsoda or tequila or save file to folder)

NOTE: For creamsoda.exe installer, make sure you create a directory for it to extract to, or it will just extract all files in whatever folder you pointed to without creating a folder for itself!

Creamsoda Git Hub Page

Homecoming Tequila guide

My Custom Launcher/Client Download

(COH East Client Updated to version - 07/06/2022)

SERVER/CLIENT VERSION: v2i2.01 (i24) Foundations of Tomorrow (WIKI)

Song credits (Chiemsoft COHEASTRP launcher): Buy it now: Weezer - Hero (Single)

To download the COHEASTRP client v1.0.6.2 and be able to log in, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the COHEASTRP client v1.0.6.2 from here.
  2. Unzip COHEastClientInstall.zip to a folder
  3. You should now have COHEastClientInstaller.exe, COHEastClientInstaller-1.bin, COHEastClientInstaller-2.bin, COHEastClientInstaller-3.bin files inside that folder
  4. Run COHEastClientInstaller.exe, use the COH East RP shortcut on your desktop to login

BeefCake's Vidiot Map Mod (Shows enemy areas on map overlay and other more detailed information)

Click Here To Download BeefCake's Vidiot Map Mod

Point the Map Mod installer to the directory where you installed my launcher.


Join us on our discord server! COH EAST RP Discord!


Optimized Graphics for 1440p 160fps on RTX 2070 Super or Higher